Just like humans, puppies need proper nourishment. Nutrients will help them grow and be that cuddly puppy we want to play with. Providing nutrients though should not be treated lightly even if they’re only puppies. It is critical that you know when to start giving them water and solid food. This article will give you insights when to offer water to your pup and how to properly do it.

So when can you Introduce Water?

At the onset of its 3rd-4th week, you can start introducing soft solid food as well as water to your puppy. It is critical that you remember this period and not act too early or too late. Giving them water prior to their 3rd week will have an effect on the amount of nutrition they should be getting. During this stage, 100% of the nutrients should come from the milk of their mothers. On the other hand, giving water too late will cause dehydration because the older they get, the higher amount of water they need.

After the strict nourishment stage, you can gradually level up to the weaning stage. This is when you will introduce water and soft solid food. And on the 7th week, you can introduce dry puppy food to them.

How to Introduce Water?

You need to condition yourself that this stage is difficult because you are gradually separating them from their mothers. This will cause discomfort to your puppy. To ease the discomfort, you can try scheduling their eating and drinking time. Having a constant schedule is literally training them and by sticking to the schedule, you are establishing the new pattern to their system. You start with more time with their mother than being separated. As you progress, you are adding more time being separated until such time they can already do everything on their own. Again, this process should be done gradually and progressively. Do not abruptly separate them from their mothers.

Why is Water Critical?

Water helps in digestion. When food is properly digested, it will again be mixed with the water inside our body. Together with blood, the nutrients from the digestion process will be transported throughout the body. This is how vital the role of the water. And without water, your pup will experience malnutrition and dehydration that will lead to diseases.

With all these in mind, you will surely be successful in introducing water and solid food to your puppy.