Do you have clutter gathering throughout your house? Garage/yard sales are a terrific way to eliminate clutter. Depending on how many things you have to sell you could reach up to $1000 extremely quickly.

1. Identify items for sale. Walk through your home, garage and shed. Start selecting the items you want to sell. One rule we use is if we have not used something for over a year, it is time to sell it.

2. Inventory each item for sale. Identify each item you have for sale in a notebook or spreadsheet this makes selling smoother. Quickly coming up with a price on the fly can cause you to miss out on getting a fair price for an item. You do not need to go overboard on tracking inventory, however,  at least identify the larger items. Similar smaller items can be placed in a box with a single price. Remember to  keep things  uncomplicated and easy.

3. Place a price for each item. Pricing an item at a garage/yard sale provides a starting point for your customer to either buy or negotiate. This can speed up the selling process and make for a smoother sale. Many discount stores have pre-made labels for garage/yard sales. These are undoubtedly the easiest way to label, plus they are extremely inexpensive and save a ton of setup time.

4. Set a date and time for the sale. Summer  weekends work well for holding sales. Many people who frequent garage sales get up early to get the best deals. Make sure you also get up early to meet the demand.

5. Make signs for the sale. Creating signs for your sale are an essentially step. Signs give tell your potential customers you are open for business. You can make homemade signs or purchase pre-made signs. Use bright colors or plain/bold lettering to draw attention. Make sure your signs can hold up to wind or rain and show the date and time of your sale.

6. Advertise. Placing your sale in the local newspaper can increase your exposure and increase your sales. List out some of the items you are offering, especially larger items and older times for sale. Make sure you specify the date, time and place of your sale.

7. Place signs for the sale. A few days before put up your signs in your neighborhood to let everyone now about your upcoming sale. Make sure people driving are able to see your signs. Have arrows directing people to your location. Check with your homeowners or city ordinance on placing signs in your city.

8. Have plenty of money on hands. This can easily be overlooked; however, it is extremely vital part of a “successful garage/yard” sale. You are going to be making a lot of change.

9. Interact with your customers. Greet your customers with “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.” In addition, try asking them if they are searching for anything in particular, interact and increase your sales and success.

10. Negotiate the sale. People love to negotiate, negotiate back. If they offer a lower price than marked counter the offer. Remember, just because someone offers you a low price you do not need to take it. If you have planned your sale properly, you will have plenty of traffic to sell your stuff.

11. After the sale. Be an excellent steward of the environment and your neighborhood. Make sure you clean up after your sale and take down your signs. Your neighbors will appreciate it!

12. Donate. – If you do not have enough items to hold another sale at a later date. Give the remaining items to your local charity!

Bottom line is to have fun, make some extra income and pay off debt. Good Luck!