The above the ground pool needs a good maintenance so as keep its swimming conditions at an optimal point.It is also necessary to maintain the pool so as to avoid water problems and poor liner issues which are usually expensive and time-consuming to fix. To avoid this, it is always necessary for the pool owners to carry out tasks aimed at maintaining the pool.These tasks should be done on daily, weekly and on monthly basis.

Daily tasks for maintenance

The pool filter should be run each and every day for a minimum of 12 hours.
Maintain the water level at a mid-schemer ensuring that it is not too high nor is it too low.
Maintain the Ph level to a range of between 7.4 and 7.6.
The pump baskets and the schemer should be emptied as needed following all the guidelines.
Keep chlorine level to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 ppm.
Check on filter pressure as well as on the operation of the pump to determine if there is any fault.

Weekly Tasks

Each and every week the pool needs some maintenance tasks.The following need to be carried out on weekly basis;
First and foremost, skim the pool surface, the vacuum and then clean the pool with a brush thoroughly – you can also use a robot pool cleaner. Then test the alkaline level and maintain it to a range of between 80 to 120ppm.
Each and every week clean the pool deck and its surrounding areas to enhance the pool cleanliness.
Ensure that each week you add algaecide, clarifier, metal control doses to the pool. Also, put additional chlorine tablets so as to ensure that the floater is full.
If the pressure gauge reads above 7 to 9 psi you should backwash.
Tele-pole, skim-net, leaf rake, pool brush, and a vacuum hose and vacuum head are some of the tools that are required for cleaning the pool. It is necessary to brush the surfaces so as to get rid of films and or the dust particles so that they can be filtered out of the pool water.
Add enough chlorine tablets to increase the chlorine level in the pool into the 2-4 ppm range and always try to maintain consistency level.

Monthly Tasks

The calcium hardness level and the acid level should be tested and maintained at a level of between 200-400 ppm and 30 to 50 ppm respective.
The pool should be shocked using 2 lb of pool shock per every ten thousand gallons.
Also look for hidden algae that can form in the steps and ladders and clean it.This helps to keep the pool clean too.The insider schemer, as well as the water lines, should be cleaned using tile and vinyl cleaner.

Maintain the Calcium hardness of the pool water to ensure there is proper sanitation, to avoid foaming as well as to see vinyl liner stains as they arise.The level of calcium hardness should not fall below 10ppm.

The pool should be shocked by following this procedure; Pour the pool shock into a 5-gallon bucket of water and then stir it for few minutes until it dissolves.Then pour this around the pool edge and brush the granules so as to protect the vinyl liners from being bleached.