Another reason, serious and very important, to remain optimistic and keep looking on the bright side: A new study, published in Circulation, one of the most important journals in the field of cardiology, reveals an optimistic approach to life that may contribute to heart health in a real and tangible.

The findings indicate that women aged 50 and over hold a position optimistic towards life, have a lower chance of developing heart disease or death from any medical cause compared to women in this age group who are taking a pessimistic approach to life.

The study was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh American, and is due for another 8 years 97 253 women aged 50-79. All participants were healthy at baseline, and did not suffer from cancer or heart disease.

As part of the questionnaire, women were asked to classify themselves that see the glass half full or empty, that is – are they in a position to hold an optimistic or pessimistic about life.

The surprising result indicated that optimistic women had a lower probability of 9% on average develop heart disease, and no less important: their chances of death (from any medical reason) were lower by 14% compared to pessimistic women.

When the researchers mapped the female population of optimism, they were surprised to find that the most optimistic women cut showed 24% less risk of heart disease, 30% less likely to die from any medical reason, and 16% less risk of stroke.

According to the lead author, Dr. Hilary Tindle, was pessimistic life can be harmful to us just like high blood pressure, and therefore the most important current research findings show that for certain because the relationship between perception of health life.

“The big question,” says the researcher, “is whether we can really teach the public how to change their attitude to life and see the glass as half full.”