Wild wolves, jackals and wild dogs live in groups. Adult dogs take the puppies (under four months) in the neck and place them on the ground – so the puppies learn their place and status in the band.

Puppy adult dog went low position and introverted as his ears back, tail drooping or rattling and lick the face of the adult dog. These signs of respect and affection – not fear – it exudes a certain surrender “inferior class of your own.” The role of this behavior is to maintain order in class is clear that contributes to peace, stability and harmony.

The tendency of the dog in the band is to try and move up the ranks – This is nature to survive occasionally necessary to replace the leader of the pack. There are also benefits as the leader eats first, and so on, though most of the band very quickly learn to control the same made ​​pushing forward because every band has only two leaders – male and female.

Puppy will see the new family just as the band members. He does not acquire the values ​​of human behavior, but continues to act according to patterns of behavior with which he was born. Although it has claimed that the dog can understand to a certain extent, parts of the human communication system. The result is a relationship which is not the human-canine and inter-significant – the dog becomes a member of the loyal right hand man. But it also depends absolutely. Her special relationship can be formed successfully during the development of the puppy 7-18 weeks.

It seems that the dog is an animal sufficiently flexible to understand the human attempts to mimic the behavior, identify and respond and that we can understand it, but the motives for good behavior will probably inherited his ancestors are wolves.

A lot of people are trying to win the love of a dog by giving freedom to do whatever he wants at home. They have bestowed on puppy love, hugs and food because he’s so small and cute and because they want him to grow up to be their friend. Studies on the behavior of dogs clearly showed that this is not the way to win his love or friendship puppy – on the contrary such behavior is interpreted as a surrender only strengthen the puppy’s natural desire to step up the class ladder, and in many cases, to challenge and try to take over the family leadership (band).

So one of the most important keys to successful cultivation of puppy – to build a wide list as much as possible what our live permitted and what is forbidden in our house and teach him in that he could accommodate and understand. Consistency are the name of the game. The dog responds to its environment, and therefore, if we will not be persistent and we’ll be sure about what is allowed and what is forbidden and will respond unexpectedly, our puppy will become messy and did not know how to please us. Confusion with time become personal insecurity of the dog in place in the family unit and may make the problem behavior later.

It should be understood that there is no democracy in dogs – for dogs rules are very simple and basic – or I lead and you follow or you lead, and I follow you (fire and water). When the puppy brings you a toy and barks, is basically telling you to gracefully throw it to him – when you do this you strengthens his most demanding. When you ask your dog to sit you tell the dog what to do. Our affection for the dog and its adoption as part of the family / band is the most important thing for a puppy – he will do everything in order for us to be satisfied. Take advantage of it and learned the puppy the overall desired behaviors and appropriate for you as well as what behaviors must be avoided. Clear knowledge of what the dog is allowed and what is not allowed to give him a sense of personal security as he would be happy.

It is important to add that the dogs are clear everyday social needs within the framework of the band / family – they need affection and attention – as well as the life of a partnership with the band. If you ignore these ingredients, the dog will become frustrated and may start a destructive activity, digging and barking so much – needless to say that in the wild do not see these types of behavior.

People and dogs have been living together in love since the dawn of hysteria, although it is clear that a lot of our communication suffers cases – I suggest that we should try to communicate as dogs think. Dogs are social creatures, as stated hunt live and raise their young together in a band. Their lives with the people they bring with them the same principles to our house – they adopt us and see us as members of the band (and not vice versa as is commonly thought – “He thinks he’s a human being”) – Dogs are creatures with adaptable amazing, learn quickly and bind us and Developers dependence and affection.