Our body is the food (raw – genetic, emotional, spiritual), water and air that we put in our bodies. As an adult, you have almost complete control over the above three elements. You can eat good food your body (you can check this by channeling or different diagnostic techniques), drink clean water and live in a place where the air is relatively clean, which means you have a large selection capability very life to keep yourself healthy.
Through communication I can get you all the information you need for a healthy life.

Important Tip: Make a habit to yourself or others something good every day: sorry for yourself, stroking myself, preparing or buying a cake that you like, a conversation with a loved one, a compliment to another, compassionate, giving … This recipe for a healthy and happy life.

It is important to remember in distress can and should seek help. Not keep anger, physical or mental pain inside of you but to ask or require assistance. As you get quick help your distress so it will be easier in life.

Here are some “tips” that can help you to treat yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle. Take what is said on the way that suits you, show yourself! … Successfully.
Relaxation: – Relaxation Self

Recommended Daily in the morning to sit in a beach chair. Take a deep breath and slowly release the air, and come back and do it again three times in a row. In this way, the body slowly relaxed, went to relax, and we can read by, or God, or anything else that we believe in, and ask for what we want to happen to us today. Ask or pray, then let go, do not strain, do not do anything … just let the world take care of us, and behold! Moving … the body is released to us … Thoughts are released, the body begins to warm up. We will ask the body to give us some sign directing us to the exercise came to an end and we will continue to rest until we feel the signal to go. We will wake up with a smile and a new faith and a good new day, so it really will be. It is important to repeat this exercise every day with pleasure and without any effort, and the results will come soon. As we begin to love exercise’s practice make it so it will come as part of routine health and enjoying life very much.

You can use guided imagery for relaxation or self-strengthening. Lying in bed, breathe deeply and imagine a magical place where we were or we want to be. See ourselves in complete rest, calm sound of birds in the background, quietly flowing water, fresh air and a pleasant warmth line anywhere. Relaxed body … natural breathing rhythm … fun for us. You can ask God or who we believe we need to preserve and protect our own private place and relax naturally. Perhaps he fell asleep and if not then when we decide to wake up, take a deep breath and feel good, healthy and peaceful.

You can use this relaxation: a comfortable chair to sit or lie in bed. Breathe a few deep breaths and Cshgof begins to relax imagine Trial positive “screen” Our private, such as: “I am healthy”, “I feel good”, “As the days pass I feel healthier and more relaxed”, “I own more and more”, and so on. Of course, only positive sentences. No need to really imagine. You can hear or feel, just run our senses any positive purpose in our lives.

Movement: sports

The second tip for a healthy life refers to movement of the body. It is important to maintain the mobility of the body, each in his own way. A review of the medical literature up dozens of studies published in recent years, scientific journals and medical, and all point to a direct link between the walk to a variety of aspects of health: it improves endurance, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, reduces cholesterol and fats in the blood and improves the condition wind and sexual potency. Sports health to the body and mind. Easy walk fast while focusing on your breathing, without having to divert attention by talking, very beneficial to the body as a whole. Preferably before going to do warm-up exercises and stretching. Swimming also highly recommended. Those who could swim should welcome or sea to do it. It is very important to be in nature, listen to birds, trees, and those who want to develop their own can try to communicate, that is, get in touch through all the senses and feel completely natural, it’s a very interesting exercise that opens us to ourselves and around us.
It is important to use the best shoes we have other sporting activities, we may damage the spinal cord or the manufacture of muscle tension.