It is definite that we all want to ace the first date we go on with anyone. Especially because, as we all know, the first impression sticks the longest, and no matter what comes after, it will always remain there. When a man goes out on a date with a woman, looks would for sure be key to that first impression, but looks are not the only thing that matters; intelligence and eloquence are very essential and are very attractive, otherwise the man won’t see past that pretty face. But what to talk about on your first date?

While it is important to know some information about the man you’re on a first official date with, it should not be formal either. Ask him about what he does in his life, if you don’t know that already, about the things he likes, hobbies or daily activities, he will appreciate that. Also pay attention not to have the passive part of the conversation, meaning that you shouldn’t just sit down and answer his questions. Talk about him, ask him questions, and when he answers, talk about something relevant to his answers. This will draw an interesting conversation.

Make sure your sentences are brief, yet not too brief. It is a big turn off for anyone, especially for a man going out with a woman on their first date, to talk too much, but the same goes for “yes/no” conversations. Don’t make your answers excessive or superfluous, intrigue his interest to say “tell me more about that!” but make sure you’re answer is good enough for your opinion or perspective on a certain matter to be conveyed.
When the spotlight is on you to talk about yourself, don’t be nervous, be very natural and simple. Being yourself is always the best, as long as it is within the right boundaries, relatively. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, but tell funny stories, without being clumsy. Tell jokes, without being trite. Talk about yourself, what you like and what you’re interested in, without being too self-indulged. Don’t be pretentious, and remember: you can always impress the guy facing you just by being who you are. And if he wasn’t impressed enough to ask you on a second date, then he probably isn’t the person you want to hang out with anyway.

What matters the most is for you to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too nervous; he’s probably as nervous and excited about this date as you are, if not more. You are ready! So just go, dress to impress, be yourself, and rock your date!

Hope you have an excellent date, and meet the man of your dreams, but if it doesn’t go well, don’t worry! don’t take it on yourself.  Not everyone is a good match for someone else. What most important is: Don’t let it effect your self esteem!   Just go on with your life… There are plenty of men around (I recall the song “Its raining men…”)

Happy Dating!