10 tips for your diet

• Eating out? Meals in restaurants tend to be very big, and if it’s on the plate, we tend to eat it. If possible, invite the kids menu, where dishes are more reasonable dimensions.

• Hold Healthy snacks around which will be available to you. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, a tool with celery or carrot sticks in the refrigerator, or several jars of fruit salad at the table of the work will help you turn something healthy when hunger pains begin. In other words, is more likely to get something healthy and low in calories that you if it’s available to you.

• Consume frozen vegetables instead of canned. Canned vegetables tend to have high sodium, you do not need, and have low nutritional value, you do need. Bought small bags with closure to make them easy for you to pour one serving for a meal.

• Buy a vegetable humidifier. Evaporation is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables. The food retains nearly all the natural nutrients instead of scrub into cooking Mae. Even more good-it makes your vegetables to be delicious – which means that there is a better chance for you to eat them instead to be filled with fatty foods we load weight.

• Never eat standing up. One of the easiest ways to sabotage your diet it’s ‘eat without thinking’. Let eat the respect it deserves. Prepare your plate. Where and eat properly. So there is less chance Ingest food without noticing.

• Eat several times a day. When you eat three meals a day, your body tends to save what he did not need it at the moment. By you to adopt the customs of ‘pasture’, will cause your metabolism working all day. Eat a small breakfast, with fruit with crackers or toast mid-morning, a light lunch and a few light snacks  after school, in the afternoon. Just remember that you break the same amount of food in small meals, do not add more food to your daily diet.

• Drink fruit juice or flavored water instead of fizzy drink. Fizzy drinks are empty calories. Without nutrients, lots of sugar. Instead, take a bottle of 100% fruit juice or flavored water with a drop of juice.

• Drink water. American Health Organization, even the FDA recommends at least eight full glasses of water a day to keep your body work properly. When you are dieting, you should drink even more. It’s not just for feeling full – Water helps the body to digest food properly and clean your system.

• can not afford a gym? Made a pact with a friend to train together. Arranged to meet at least three times a week to play volleyball, walk, or spend half an hour doing something active. You can also work out with a personal trainer three times a week minimum to achieve results. It is recommended to carry out market research before selecting a coach has to check the personal trainer price, service and conditions no less important to examine the experience of personal fitness trainers.

• give up fries, snacks fried in hydrogenated oil like potato chips contribute fat and calories and not much else. Instead, they took a handful of dried fruit or a cup of yogurt for the same calories and more nutrients.

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