Posture is the way we hold the body – How we stand, how we move our body, how we walk, and how the outside society perceives us.

We often tend to separate a movement that is considered dynamic and a static one. However, posture is the holding of the body in every situation – especially in movement and sitting.

Proper posture will be a normal distribution of load on the body.

Proper distribution of a load will preserve any bone, cartilage and organ and will allow minimal load on body systems. In this situation, our energy consumption will be minimal, and it will be possible to operate over time, without excessive fatigue.
Proper distribution of the load means correct operation of the skeletal system and muscle system.

One of the main causes of lower back pain is prolonged and incorrect sitting.
In the sitting position, the pressure on the vertebrae of the lower spine is highest (standing, walking or lying down).
Studies prove an amazing fact that an incorrect tilt of the body may increase the weight that presses on the vertebrae and disks up to 30 kg per inch!

As stated, posture is movement, but the modern lifestyle often causes us to be static for too long:
• Long sitting in front of a desk or computer

• Working without proper work boots long hours at your work

• Standing for many hours (sometimes on high heels!)

• Car ride (instead of walking)

• Continuous TV viewing

These situations affect posture, they make it static instead of dynamic.

When the posture is static, a lot of tension is created in the body that causes us to close, shrink the diaphragm, reduce breathing and bend our shoulders. Then the muscles become stiff, the movement (get up, settle down) becomes heavy and strenuous and pressure is exerted on the spine. Many times the result is pain.

In proper posture, where skeletal and musculoskeletal use is correct, the body is dynamic and usually does not remain in one position for a long time, the general feeling is pleasantness and lightness,
The passageways from sitting to standing and walking are light and simple, breathing is full and flowing.

It is also a key to aesthetics and freedom – often it outlines the first impression we create,
Is our business card.

Alexander’s method essentially deals with personal awareness of stability.
The method gives us practical tools for proper use of the musculoskeletal system.
The right awareness and habits are maintained, maintain body systems and are also effective in rehabilitation situations.