What is alexandria’s genesis?

Also known as Purple Eyes, Alexandria’s Genesis is said to be a disorder that causes pale skin, as well as purple eyes, – just as the term implies. These may be the most visible manifestations of the apparent disorder. Allegedly, the characteristics of this disease usually extend much further. Whether or not Alexandrias Genesis exists has attracted a lot of debate in recent years. It appears as though an urban legend causes the said condition. This is mainly because no one with this disorder seems to exist today based on the knowledge of the scientific community. It also appears as if the condition could exist or might have existed in the past- this leads to further speculation.

The history of Alexandria’s Genesis

The history of this genetic mutation can be traced back to 1000 years back in Egypt. It began when a mysterious light was seen flashing in the sky and everyone who went outside to witness developed purple eyes and pale skin. These people started to be recognized as spirit people- who moved north and later disappeared. According to the story, the very first recorded instance of Purple Eyes appeared in 1329 in England. A newborn baby who was known as Alexandria had purple eyes at birth. She is said to have given birth to other girls with the disorder who lived well above 100 years. The exact generic variant that leads to this disorder is said to have been discovered during the 1960’s.

What is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Violet eyes are usually considered a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to turn from gray or blue to purple. This happens for around the next six months after their birth. During puberty, the purple color is said to become deeper to either violet-blue purple or royal. Apparently, the dark purple remains but doesn’t have an effect on the ability of a person to see. Individuals with this genetic mutation are said to not grow facial, pubic, body or even anal hair. The only areas that they grow hair are head, eyebrows, ears, noses and eyelashes. Some people argue that, women suffering from this condition do not menstruate but are nevertheless fertile.

Other sources claim that this condition is capable of causing a broad range of symptoms. One of the primary symptoms is the shimmering white skin and large tonsil stones which can be cured that is immune to tanning or burning. Additional sources reveal that women usually carry this mutation, and it affects people with blue or black hair more often. According to some people, those with this genetic variation can live up to 130 to 150 years- aging stops at around 50. These individuals don’t gain weight; they enjoy a good figure regardless of what they eat and rarely digest. Further, they are immune to most of the diseases and so, rarely fall ill. Although interracial children might experience this mutation (if they get it from many genes) but the condition is said to affect Caucasians more often.

So, is this condition real or fake?

The existence of gene variation with the power mentioned above is possible. However, there isn’t enough scientific evidence that the particular disorder exists today.